EightyOne renews domestic violence campaign – Summer Safe Nights

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Women’s Refuge referrals are rising. But more women and children need help but it’s a really tough time to fundraise for those at risk. To protect women and children facing domestic violence Auckland agency EightyOne has updated its Women’s Refuge Summer Safe Nights campaign this week.

Agency PR spokesperson Irene Chapple said: “The campaign centres around the magical hour of sunset. It may a beautiful time for many – but not all. For too many it is filled with fear.

While most of us grab a refreshing drink and chill with family, others are living in fear of violence … at any time.

“The magical hour of sunset may a beautiful time for many – but for too many, it is filled with fear.”

“We want to remind Kiwis that while they might love this time of day, others don’t.

“We’re asking Kiwis to end their perfect summer day by gifting a Summer Safe Night. They can do this at safenight.nz.”

Miranda Harcourt is the face of Safe Nights and Dr Ang Jury is the ceo of Women’s Refuge.

“Gifting a $20 Safe Night makes a world of difference to those in need. It’s a small amount, but it has a huge impact.”


Agency: EightyOne
Managing Director: Matt West
Executive Creative Director: Chris Bleackley
Creative & Art Direction: Tony Haigh
Strategy: Brendan Sturrock
Design: Julius Fernie
Media Agency: EightyOne
Media Direction: Grant Maxwell
Account Direction: Caroline Wethey – Te Whetu
PR: Irene Chapple (Run Lola)

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