99 refreshes pureplay travel provider

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99 has partnered with House of Travel’s pureplay online travel agency Mix & Match to relaunch the Mix & Match brand to New Zealand and target travellers looking for a no-nonsense travel provider.

The rebrand, under a new proposition – Travel. Straight up. – aims the nine-year-old brand at the culture of the millennially-minded traveller.

“We know this audience expect to be able to do everything online and think that every interaction with a brand should be on their own terms,” says Kat Sliper, group business director at 99.

99 digital creative director Jared Isle said: “The rebrand looks to play on a no-nonsense approach, with a playful but irreverent tone and visual identity that just tells it how it is, with a healthy dose of attitude and stripped-back branding.”

“The rebrand launches with out-of-home and digital, and extends to a full redesign across all touchpoints including website and app.”

The rebrand, which launches with an out-of-home and digital campaign, extends to a full redesign across all of Mix & Match’s touchpoints including website and app and is designed to address the needs of the audience and give the brand a point of difference versus the other online travel agency brands.

“We are super-excited about the new brand identity that 99 have developed for us,” said Mix & Match director Tim Paulsen. “It gives us a unique point of view and differentiates us versus the international online travel agencies in the market, and also gives people a reason to engage with us, in a way that they haven’t previously.”


Agency: 99 (Creative & Design departments)
Media: Zenith
House of Travel: Tim Paulsen Head of E-Commerce
E-Commerce Marketing Manager: Kelsey Waters

About Mix & Match
If we were one of your mates, we’d probably be the one that tells you when you’ve got sauce on your shirt, or those jeans are just not working for you. We call a horse a horse and a deal a deal.

We don’t do snazzy, we don’t do frills, we don’t even do Photoshop – none of us know how!

What we do though, is travel. Straight up. So we pretty much just stick to that, all the time. So if you’re into great priced flights, accommodation, insurance, car rental all in one place then pay us a visit. We’ve kept it simple, honest and pretty much about as “what you see is what you get” as possible.

Mix & Match is part of the NZ-based House of Travel group.

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