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AUCKLAND, Today: With 50 new stores opening yesterday, Sylvia Park, agency 99 and producers Eight seized the opportunity to relaunch the brand and “set it apart from the usual shopping centre marketing”.

Sylvia Park marketing manager Jo Allen said: This connection to the needs of everyday New Zealand is something Sylvia Park is proud of, and lives in the work where real customers and real stories feature.

“The campaign combines a celebration of individuality with a bold creative approach. It reminds us style should be an expression of the experiences that shape us, not the conventions that pressure us. It should be a declaration owning, ‘this is me’.

99 ECD Mick Stalker said: “It was a real privilege to let these Sylvia Park shoppers express themselves and celebrate everything that makes them unique. Their openness and self-confidence was pretty inspiring.

This is Me will evolve over the next three months.”

“The launch film introduces the cast who are all Sylvia Park shoppers, and teases the story of the experiences that inspired their style. The campaign then expands and connects through various owned and paid channels.

“Distinctive OOH media cements the brands perspective on style across Auckland while targeted media gets audiences closer to the story with documentary style film content using Sylvia Park’s digital and social media channels.

“Sylvia Park’s annual editorial magazine publication, Envy, then extends the idea and connects it to latest trends and products.

This is me will evolve over the next three months, coming to life across of the opening of the new Level 1 development and Christmas.


Client: Kiwi Property/Sylvia Park
Marketing Manager: Jo Allen, Kiwi Property
Kiwi Property Marketing Manager: Karlee Lightbourne
Agency: 99 (Strategy, Account Service, Creative, TVP, MG departments)
Media: The Family
Production Company: Eight

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