Gregor Nicholas shoots New World’s Santa

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New World’s regular Christmas guest, Noel, returns to NZ screens this summer, starring in a new 60” TVC – the third annual instalment of this enduring Christmas campaign over the years.

This time around, the supermarket explores the fantasy that Santa was discovered in New Zealand, and pokes fun at a few of the silly season’s sacred cows.

“This is definitely not your standard run-of-the-mill Christmas campaign, no bells or fairy dust here,” says 99’s chief creative officer Craig Whitehead.

“It’s a mad cap journey that explores Noel’s deepest darkest fears about being ‘uncovered’. And I have to say this one was just as much fun to make as it is to watch.”

“It’s been a privilege to build on this much-loved campaign,” said 99 MD Paul Manning. “And I must say, full credit to Steve, Steph and the Foodstuffs team for backing such an adventurous script.”

The campaign runs until Christmas on television, cinema and digital channels.


Client: Foodstuffs New Zealand (New World)
Group General Manager Marketing: Steve Bayliss
Head of Retail Marketing: Stephanie Pyne
Brand and Sponsorship Manager Jen Mariu
Agency: 99
Chief Creative Officer: Craig Whitehead
Creative Director: Chris Long
Business Director: Katherine Sliper
Head of Content Production: Therese Bielawa
Agency: Colenso
Executive Creative Director Steve Cochran
Production Company: Fish
Director: Gregor Nicholas
Producer: Penelope Sinclair
Executive Producer: James Moore Executive Producer

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