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AUCKLAND, Today: Kiwibank and 99 have unveiled a commercial signage project which utilised more than 11,000 recycled single-use plastic bottles, developed in partnership with Neo Signs.

The installation coincided with the official opening of the bank’s new Auckland corporate premises, Te Kupenga at 155 Fanshawe St in the Wynyard Quarter.

Creative director Danielle Barclay said: “99’s idea for sustainable signage was inspired by Kiwibank’s passion for sustainability and the 6-green star rating of the building – that was reflected in the brief – to question and challenge traditional signage approaches.

“This project aligns perfectly with 99’s philosophy that a brand exists in every customer interaction, not just in comms. Connecting Kiwibank’s whanonga pono to the new location was the ultimate goal.

“The final creative approach was conceived after researching the volume of plastic waste in NZ.

“The team at 99 were shocked to discover 252,000 tonnes of plastic is thrown into landfill in New Zealand each year with each single use plastic bottle taking up to 450 years to decompose, and only a small percentage actually being recycled.

“We pitched a bold design idea in response to the brave brief from Kiwibank to create a sign that had never been attempted before to demonstrate the importance of recycling and reuse and that beauty can be created from waste.

“We were shocked to discover 252,000 tonnes of plastic is thrown into landfill in NZ each year with each single use plastic bottle taking up to 450 years to decompose.”

“The unique design drew inspiration from the history and topography of the area which is reclaimed land and is a unique artistic representation of the evolution of Wynyard Quarter.

“The colour gradation of green and clear bottles represents the original untouched environment, the ocean and the natural movement of water. The distinct seams of amber represent development through infrastructure and roads which have transformed the area.

“The 11,536 420ml bottles which act as light diffusers for the sign, were all collected at major sporting events held at Eden Park prior to lockdown and then sorted into colour, cleaned and de-labelled by hand through community engagement with students from Tangaroa College who were raising funds to go to Space Camp.”

Kiwibank brand & marketing GM Simon Hofmann said the project perfectly aligned to Kiwibank’s commitment to a more sustainable Aotearoa.

“This has been a great project to challenge traditional creativity through an innovation solution that reflects on our sustainability principles and the 6 Green Star Building Certification of Te Kupenga.

“We’re proud of the outcome that the collaboration between Kiwibank, design partner 99 and production partner Neo Signs has achieved in producing this first for New Zealand” Simon said.

“Energy usage from the sign is the same, if not less, than a household vacuum cleaner.”


99: Danielle Barclay, Elizabeth Roebeck, Lauren Griffin, Ethan Wilson, Akira Hobcraft
Kiwibank: Simon Hofmann, Carly Roma, Gemma Lambert, Dean Turner, Kim Waghorn
Production Partner: Tony Clark (Neo Signs)

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