A bob each way

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APN Outdoor had both the angles covered for their post-RWC congratulations message.the Rugby World Cup.

Their message to the triumphant All Blacks beamed out across APNO’s digital Elite screen network in Auckland – but APNO is also a leading outdoor player in Australia, so they had a similar execution for the Wallabies all lined up to play across their Oz Elite network.

“We enjoy the banter with our Aussie cousinsm” said APNO NZ GM Phil Clemas. “However, our faith in the mighty All Blacks was unwavering. The technology behind our Elite screens gives us the flexibility and immediacy needed to pull off a simple and time-sensitive message such as this.

“We have now shifted our thinking to how we can support the celebrations for the team’s arrival back to NZ on Wednesday.”

Clemas did not say what the Aussie screens ran after the Wallabies lost. Presumably they ignored it. Opportunity to poke the borax lost?

APN Outdoor says it will soon announce details of five new Elite Screen developments, three of which will be outside Auckland.

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