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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Grey Lynn-based independent Smart Media have fired us a fired-up release to promote its services. Managing partner Mike Wilson said: ”We are transforming the industry with an innovative approach to transparency and client-centric practices.

“Smart Media is a full-service media agency that provides premium media placement across all channels and offers targeted and cost-efficient media management solutions for clients nationally and internationally.

“Unlike traditional media companies that operate on commissions and rebates without their clients’ knowledge, Smart Media has established itself as the leading advocate for transparency and fair practices in the market.”

“I have extensive experience at Vodafone Global and – supported by general manager Elaine Subritzky who has a vast background in client services, Smart Media has quickly earned a reputation for its commitment to putting clients’ interests first. By shunning commission-based models and rebates.

“The agency ensures that clients receive unbiased advice and strategies tailored to their unique needs.

“In an era plagued by opacity and hidden costs within the media industry, Smart Media stands out as the beacon of transparency. The agency firmly believes that open communication and honesty are the building blocks of a successful partnership, and it strives to provide clients with a clear understanding of every aspect of their media campaigns.

“Smart Media is revolutionising the media landscape in New Zealand by challenging the status quo. Our commitment to transparency sets us apart from traditional agencies, and we are proud to be known as the un-agency.

“We build long term partnerships with our clients and those relationships are built on trust.

When vast sums of money are involved, trust is crucial. We believe saving up to 40% or more on your media budget is a smart thing to do! Our industry and the traditional media agency model needs to be held to some level of account.

“It’s ?me to shake things up!

“Most media agencies charge monthly fees. What they often won’t tell you is that they also pocket a volume incentive or rebate from the media channels themselves. Or if they do, aren’t completely honest with how much.”

“Up to 60% of TV advertising goes unseen, with Smart Media’s outside-the-box strategies we believe our clients can get their campaigns seen and in front of the right audiences.

“Smart Media work across all forms of media – digital, traditional, programmatic and tech.

“Smart Media’s dedication to transparency extends beyond its business model. The agency leverages cutting-edge technology and data analytics to deliver measurable results and detailed performance reports to its clients as well as using advanced AI tools in their planning. By providing clear metrics and insights, Smart Media empowers clients to make informed decisions about their media investments.

“Additionally, Smart Media’s managing partners’ extensive background at Vodafone Global bring invaluable expertise to the agency.

“Since its inception, Smart Media has experienced rapid growth and garnered a loyal client base that appreciates the agency’s transparent and ethical practices.

“Smart Media’s un-agency approach has resonated with its existing clients both locally and internationally and is also one of the few independent agencies that are accredited.

“Most media agencies charge monthly fees to manage your media planning and buying. What they often won’t tell you is that they also pocket a volume incentive or rebate from the media channels themselves. Or if they do, aren’t completely honest with how much.

We think more transparency is in order. We will always be open and honest about how we get paid.’’ Says Mike.

“All our buying recommendations will be based on what’s best for filling our clients schedule. Not our back pockets. Our planning decisions are made based on our clients’ needs, budget and audience. Not which media channel pays us the most.”

Smart Media  GM Elaine Subritzky said: “We pride ourselves on transparency, innovative strategies, dedication and commitment to client success.”

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