A million dollar campaign to celebrate Karicare’s kiwi origins

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Y&R are behind the “Made in New Zealand for little Kiwis” campaign promoting the Karicare toddler range of infant formulas and its commitment to high quality local products.

Danone Nutricia, the maker of the Karicare, wanted the campaign to proudly declare the brand’s New Zealand origins and features kiwi toddlers and the new tagline “Made in New Zealand for little Kiwis”.

The new Karicare toddler range now carries the official “Made in New Zealand” logo, which has been supported by a media spend of almost $1 million.

“New Zealanders are justifiably proud of their world famous reputation as a clean and green country, particularly in relation to dairy farming and food production. We know that parents value local brands that are made in New Zealand, which is why we are proud to be able to apply the certification to our Karicare toddler products ”, said Corine Tap, General Manager for Danone Nutricia, Oceania.

“Karicare products are made and packaged locally, with milk sourced from local cows from local farms. The “Made in New Zealand” logo is an important milestone for Danone Nutricia, as it reaffirms the brand’s heritage in New Zealand, and demonstrates our on-going investment in New Zealand’s dairy industry,” she said.

Karicare has its origins in the first powdered infant formula brand Karitane, that was developed by well-respected New Zealand doctor Sir Truby King to counter high infant mortality rates.

“The Karicare formula range you buy today is proudly descended from Karitane, which is backed by 100 years of scientific research and continues to be blended and packed in local manufacturing plants, here in New Zealand,” Tap said.


The original production was completed by:

Director: Kevin Denholm
Producer: Jess Milne
Film Company: Exposure

These are the new edit credits:

Agency: Y&R NZ
CCO/ CEO: Josh Moore
Copywriter: Zoe Edwards
Art Director: Kate Lill
Head of Content: Liz Rosby
Agency Producer: Sophie Campbell
Editor: Amanda Sasano
Post Production: Y&R NZ
Sound/Audio: Franklin Road
Brand and Content Planner: Nic Winslade
Account Director: Victoria Borrell
Senior Account Manager: Shannon Zaloum

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