Rockit™ Apple launches into a record season with Ready. Set. Rockit

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AUCKLAND, Today: Rockit is buzzing with energy, set to export an impressive 200 million apples this season, nearly doubling last year’s figures.

They’re spreading their roots globally, introducing year-round exports for the first time. To stir up excitement, they’re rolling out a global marketing campaign.

Mark O’Donnell, Rockit’s CEO, is all charged up for 2024, expecting it to be a landmark year. “Around the world, we’re seen as a brand with attitude and a point of difference, through our innovative grab and go pack. Our focus is on being a year-round FMCG product, rather than seasonal.”

He hints at an exciting global IP partnership, following the brand’s successful tie-ins, like the one with Minions in China. Rocki, the Rockit brand mascot, alongside new family pack launches in Asia, has been a hit.

“We always knew 2024 was going to be a big year, with our biggest harvest yet. We have ambitious but achievable growth targets and our aim is to become the world’s most-loved apple brand through our strong sales and marketing plan to help deliver a strong return for our growers following the challenges in 2023.”

Julian Smith, head of global marketing, is set to launch a new campaign in April, showcasing Rockit’s unique New Zealand heritage and energetic brand ethos. “New Zealand is a special place where our unique Rockit™ apples are grown. It’s in this environment that we wanted to showcase our brand story as being distinctly from New Zealand, with our spirit and passion for the outdoors.

“Around the world, we’re seen as a brand with attitude and a point of difference, through our innovative grab and go pack.”

“Our latest Ready. Set. Rockit. campaign features an aspirational family enjoying the Rockit energy and vitality whilst outdoors sharing adventure and special moments.”

Smith adds that this campaign is poised to introduce Rockit to millions of new consumers, leveraging its unique position and kiwi horticultural heritage in a consumer-led global market.

“Early feedback from our global markets suggests that this will be a significant step for the Rockit brand to connect to millions of new consumers with our point of difference, and our approach to marketing a kiwi horticultural product in a global consumer-led way,” says Julian.

He notes the growing trend of consumer love for Rockit, with 88% of surveyed premium consumers endorsing the brand. With plans to ensure year-round availability from New Zealand, the brand aims to enhance its international presence and maintain consistent quality worldwide.

Rockit, celebrated with the Supreme Award at the 2022 New Zealand International Business Awards and the TVNZ NZ Marketing Team of the Year Award, continues to shine in over 30 markets globally.

“We can’t wait to continue disrupting the apple category by doing things differently through our strong brand, marketing positioning and innovation as we take on the world one small bite at a time,” O’Donnell concludes.

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