A Scot/Yank/Aussie walks into a Wellington bar …

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Positively Wellington Tourism has tapped an LA-based Scottish immigrant to Australia to sell our capital city to the Aussies.

He’s The Voice Australia host Darren McMullan, who stars in a four-minute film, Wellington Has Things, that visits all the usual Wellington tourist haunts – Weta, seals (“nature things”, public toilets, museums (“arty farty things”), the beer and food & drink establishments.

“We are really foodie and coffee snobs, Crystal [US actor Crystal Reed] and I, and Wellington is amazing for that,” McMullen said.

The result is a charming and entertaining – if somewhat insincere – pisstake on the usual tourism promo.



Brand: Positively Wellington Tourism
Film production: Stem Creative
PR: One Green Bean
Media: UM
Talent: Darren McMullen

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