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The working efficiency of many agency creative departments comes under the spotlight at CAANZ functions in Auckland & Wellington in July, led by Dr Wayne (The Switch Doctor) Lotherington, the Australian founder and ceo of global ‘habit creation’ company Allsorts.

Lotherington is an experienced communications professional who developed his skills over many years in the education and advertising industries in Australia, Asia and Europe.

CAANZ bills him as an engaging facilitator, a published author and a motivating speaker. “Businesses all over the world have benefitted from his creative and energetic approach,” said the CAANZ statement launching his Selling Creative Workshop in NZ.

He holds a degree in Economics, a Post Grad in Education, an MBA and a PhD in business creativity.

Here’s the CAANZ blurb: An agency in Singapore calculated that approximately 35% of the Creative Department’s time was spent on re-working the creative after their initial idea was rejected by the client.

And that’s without counting the time of Planners and Suits, the effects on the quality of work approved or the impact on the motivation of the team. So imagine the value of selling your creative first time around.

Wayne’s Selling Creative workshop, named “The MAChINE” has been one of his most popular and effective courses for Creative people, Account Management, Planners and Media.

His two day course offers not only content but the process of deconstructing an actual piece of work and using the ‘tools’ he provides to build the solutions and the confidence to deliver the creative work to the client.

The MAChINE works: When faced with the creative product, clients tend to focus on the ‘WHY NOT’ to approve as they are afraid of making a mistake.

Wayne’s methodology shows agency people exactly what to say (and what not to say) in order to overcome that fear. The MAChINE helps clients recognise WHY the creative does the job for them. It reduces subjectivity and gives sound business reasons to approve the work. In doing so it forces attention on the Idea rather than the Execution.

Imagine the benefits to selling your work first time around: Better creative work will be approved, helping the clients’ business and your reputation

  • More satisfaction for your staff when their best ideas are sold
  • Cost savings, because you reduce the amount of re-work. This alone will save you the cost of the workshop when you sell just one campaign that would otherwise have been rejected.

Target Audience: Recommended for those who sell communication concepts or marketing ideas, including Account Management, Creative and Media people with a minimum of 2 years’ experience.

What people have said after attending:

  • Thank you so much, learnt a lot from your techniques but also your personal style of public speaking. Steph
  • Absolutely loved it, even from a media background, it was great to be able to see the creative process. Ashleigh
  • Ridiculously accurate insight into persuasion. Nick
  • Enlightening, inspiring and very memorable. Dan
  • Stimulating, illuminating, practical, a shake-up! Jamie


Date: Mon-Tue 27-28th July
Time: 8.30am-5.30pm each day
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental
2 Grey Street, Wellington 6011


Date: Thu-Fri 30-31 July
Time: 8.30am-5.30pm each day
Venue: The Langham Hotel
83 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland 1011
Cost: Members $1500+gst
Non-Members $2300+gst
Course materials, refreshments and lunch included for both days.


Book now by emailing sasha@caanz.co.nz, providing full name, position, and contact details (plus special dietary requirements)

More info from Marlen Smith –CAANZ Industry Development Manager: marlen@caanz.co.nz, ph 09 303 0435

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