Online ad outfit rebrands to reflect evolving adtech market

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Online advertising company Acquire Online is rebranding in response to the shifting dynamics of the programmatic advertising market, which has experienced rapid growth in the past few years.

The company has rebranded from Acquire Online to Acquire – Custom Programmatic to reflect both the broadening of programmatic to include other emerging mediums like digital billboards, CTV and audio, and the personalisation and customisation of marketing.

Acquire MD Chris Schultz said the marketing sector has advanced beyond the one-size-fits-all approach and programmatic advertising needs to follow suit.

“Digital advertising is becoming increasingly critical to the marketing success and revenue growth of brands,” he said. “Consumers are becoming increasingly harder to reach.

“Through customised media buying and attribution modelling, we use data and technology to tailor advertising to the right person, at the right time, in the right context, with the right message at the right cost – it’s a re-alignment of programmatic advertising to be part of delivering the overarching brand goal.

“We have seen phenomenal growth in the programmatic market buoyed by mobile.”

“We have seen phenomenal growth in the programmatic market buoyed by mobile. At Acquire, we are overtly positioning ourselves to reflect our full capability and unleash the full power of programmatic through customisation at all levels of a campaign. It’s a genuine customer-centric approach.”

“With the introduction of the European Union’s general data protection regulations in May this year, and the implications for New Zealand, personalised communications are even more important,” he said.

Acquire’s customisation of ad solutions include programmatic planning; sales/marketing funnels; use of data and insights; audience segmentation; platform selection and cross channel messaging; creative solutions; reporting and performance measures; training and hybrid solutions.

About Acquire
Since 2012 Acquire has established a legacy of challenging the status quo of online advertising to reach new thresholds of performance. Driven to lead the industry in innovation, Acquire is committed to exploring new frontiers, tailoring client advertising solutions, customising every individual campaign and crafting performance.

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