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“We are InfluencerHQ and we are a five-person start up running out of Venture Up (A startup accelerator based in Wellington for the top young entrepreneurs in New Zealand),” writes Omer Hazer, who has put his neck on the line to tell agencies – via M+AD – how much he loves ad-blocker software.

To be fair, he also sees ad-blockers leading to a new approach to brand-building advertising. “Combining ads into content with a strong focus on the human factor and creating experiences worth sharing is what brands and businesses should be aiming to do,” he says. Read on …

“Our aim is to build meaningful relationships between Instagram users that have an engaged follower base with brands aiming to embrace native marketing content.

“We are in our traction stage and have several successful campaigns running currently for Chow Asian Food Restaurant. Also are closing deals with two other brands and have received interest from major Australasian brands.

“Let me tell you how I spent my evening last night …

“I was parked up on my comfortable couch enjoying some Netflix because I have zero patience for the time consuming advertisements on television.

“Once I had satisfied my Game of Thrones craving I tuned into my favourite artist on Spotify. Spotify Premium of course because I want to listen to the entire album undisturbed.

“I have also installed ad-blocker software on my computer so I do not see any pesky banner ads while browsing the web. Didn’t encounter a single ad all night! Life is sweet.

You know what? I am not the only one living this lifestyle. In today’s day and age combined with the technology available, blocking out advertisement and enjoying what you truly want to do is simpler than ever.”

Advertisements are no longer a form of creative expression but instead a horrendous tax on the poor, Hazer reckons.

“What do I mean by this statement? Simply put, if one does not have the funds to avoid those pesky and ineffective advertisements then one shall suffer the tax. The digital world is already a noisy environment and online advertising is testing the patience of the already attention-deficit consumer.

“This is where our problem identification comes in. Online advertisements have developed a bad connotation and are becoming less effective at gaining attention and initiating sales. Everyone online is sick and tired of the pop-up windows blocking out the entire screen as they struggle for the tiny cross sign to exit.

“As an internet user, should we have to go through the nuisance of online ads if we have no intention of shopping?

“We definitely shouldn’t. Combining ads into content with a strong focus on the human factor and creating experiences worth sharing is what brands and businesses should be aiming to do.

“Influencer marketing is allowing those with a strong social presence to affect the decisions and behaviours of others due to their status.

“By doing so, real people can create real content for brands that they are truly passionate for and in return be rewarded for themselves. It goes back to the traditional and most trusted form of marketing – word of mouth, which is known to produce a 37% increase in the customer retention rate and a twofold increase in sales compared to other advertising methods (Mckinsey Study 2010).

“A successful social media agency should be taking on board the values and growth plans of a brand.

“They should then continue to match the brand with the perfect Influencer on the perfect platform (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine) to truly get effective results from campaigns.

“Influencers should also be fully vetted and not just users with high amounts of followers. A user with 10,000 engaged and real followers has a higher customer acquisition rate and ROI than someone with 100,000 non engaged followers. So engagement is key.

“As Scott Cook, ceo and founder of Intuit, explains it: ‘A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.’

“The earlier brands recognise this and harness its power, the more effective the use they can gain from word of mouth influencer marketing.

“We at InfluencerHQ have identified the need for such a service to better serve consumers and get businesses ROI’s that they have never seen before.

“If you are a business owner or a brand advocate and believe your company should be on the forefront of this change, we would love for you to join us in our journey to re-connect the world of business to consumer.”

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