AUT Ad School End of Year Show

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AUCKLAND, Today: This year AUT Ad School wants to promote the affordability of a junior team during an economic crisis. Lecturer Matt Halliday said: Knowing how much agencies want to get their client message across all channels they’ve gone for a fully integrated campaign featuring billboards, radio, interactive posters and a dozen messages left on Simon Vicars’ mobile.

“Because ad creatives love seeing their own work out in the wild, we’ve put an AUT twist on some of New Zealand’s biggest campaigns.

“If your brands aren’t represented in the included creative, keep an eye on AUT Ad Creativity’s LinkedIn page where more are still to come. 

“A huge thanks to the Comms Council who helped us secure a flash new venue. And Go Media for donating billboard space.”

“We’d like to say a huge thanks to the Comms Council who’ve helped us secure a flash new venue.

“And Go Media for donating some billboard space.”

“The show is in the Sapphire Room above Ponsonby Central, which has allowed AUT to trial a new lunchtime session for those who don’t want to be late home for the kids or need some creative inspiration at lunchtime.

“Your choice: coffee and donuts, or beer and pizza. Or both.”

On the menu

  • 2023 AUT Ad School End of Year Creative Showcase
  • Tuesday 14 November
  • Industry times: 12-2pm and 5-7pm

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