NZ advertising turnover rose in 2022

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: The Advertising Standards Authority today reported that advertising revenue across main media was $3.389 billion dollars for the 12 months ended 31 December 2022, compared to $3.199 billion in 2021.

The data in the turnover report is from television, newspapers, magazines, interactive media, radio, outdoor, addressed mail, unaddressed mail, and cinema.


Television reported $517m (15.3%)
Television Digital $82m (2.4%)
Total Television $599m (17.7%)

Newspapers $216m (6.4%)
Newspapers Digital $119m (3.5%)
Total Newspapers $335m (9.9%)

Radio $266m (7.8%)
Radio Digital $10m (0.3%)
Total Radio $276m (8.1%)

Magazines $117m (3.5%)
Magazines Digital $36m (1.1%)
Total Magazines $153m (4.5%)

Outdoor $183m (5.4%)

Digital Only $1.778b (52.5%)
Digital Other $247m (7.3%)
Total Digital $2.025b (59.8%)

Addressed Mail $22m (0.6%)
Unaddressed Mail $33m (1.0%)

Cinema $10m (0.3%)


Note: Digital revenue for Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Television is reported twice in this table – in each sector and in Digital Other.  It is recorded once in the Total Revenue.

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