Ad waste ‘is the part that works’

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FCB chief strategist David Thomason has added his voice to those who criticise the trend to separate creative and media agencies that previously did business under a combined banner.

“One of the strangest moves in recent advertising history – one that FCB managed to avoid – was to separate media agencies from creative agencies when we need to coordinate more closely than ever,” Thomason wrote, in a paid half-page ‘brand insight” insertion in today’s Business Herald (Page B5).

“It is clear that if brand-building creativity comes at the expense of broadcast media support – whatever the channel – it fails,” he said.

“Marketers of big brands still need to prioritise continuous exposure to large numbers of people. Unfortunately, traditional or online, we still have to buy those eyeballs.

“Cambridge University researchers Amber and Hollier possibly reached the most provocative conclusion – their 2004 paper was entitled The waste in advertising is the part that works”. [A play on the classic ‘half my advertising is wasted – but no one can tell me which half’].”

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