Adman slams Google, Facebook

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AUCKLAND, Today: Former justONE MD Ben Goodale – now ceo at Quantum Leap – has launched a scathing attack on Google in an Opinion piece published in this morning’s NZ Herald.

“Watching from New Zealand, Google’s arrogant attempts to bully Australia last week were a spectacle.,” he writes. “I cheered for Scott Morrison when he stated ‘Let me be clear: Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia. That’s done in our parliament’.

“As an adman, I appreciate the sophistication of the tech giants with their ability to leverage data to pinpoint advertising at people; it’s part of the future of marketing. As a citizen, I’m less happy with how we as nations are managing their impact on our society.

“In New Zealand in 2018, Google paid less than $400,000 in tax.”

“The debate last week was about Google sharing royalties with news publishers for content displayed on its sites. Seems reasonable doesn’t it – I mean, they take the news, they publish it (sorry, “share it”) and then they make money because people are in their digital environment and might never visit the news outlet.

“In New Zealand in 2018, Google paid less than $400,000 in tax. And Facebook – thanks to some accounting factors – apparently doesn’t even have to file financial statements in NZ.”

B&T’s disclaimer
Posted this week: “If Google turns off search in Australia, B&T can no longer guarantee outright plagiarism of other media sites.”

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