AdRoll email retargeting moves beyond advertising

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SYDNEY – Global performance marketing platform AdRoll has unveiled SendRoll, a new product that seamlessly extends the power of retargeting to a new channel. SendRoll delivers personalised emails that are triggered by browsing behaviour on a website.

“With an average ROI of more than US$38 for every $1 invested, email is one of the most cost-effective channels for marketers,” said San Francisco president/CMO Adam Berke. “SendRoll uses email in a new and compelling way that will bring even more value to AdRoll customers,” he said.

SendRoll employs AdRoll’s retargeting engine, which allows marketers to capture intent signals, including the buying habits of shoppers. It then automatically triggers emails with personalised content or product recommendations at critical moments in the customer’s journey.

This extends high-performing retargeting campaigns to a new channel. “SendRoll is the company’s first product to extend beyond ads, representing a major step in executing AdRoll’s vision of helping companies of all sizes leverage customer data to drive marketing performance,” Berke said.

“As a benchmark, customers running email retargeting campaigns with AdRoll have seen average open rates of 50-60% and click-through rates between 10-20%. That’s more than five times the average.

“We expect SendRoll to open the floodgates for personalised email marketing in the same way AdRoll did for display retargeting in 2008 and how the IntentMap did for data co-ops last year.

“Our DNA is in making the most sophisticated programmatic marketing technologies accessible for brands of all sizes. Dynamically personalised email is a perfect example of a technology that can be incredibly effective, but is too complicated to implement and too resource-intensive to gain mass adoption.”

Enrico Casati, the Milan-based founder/ceo of online-driven Italian shoe brand Velasca said: “SendRoll is intent-based email, tailored to our individual customers. We use it to drive shoppers toward a conversion when they’re in the funnel.

“Our email campaign targeting potential customers who make it to our product pages is seeing an impressive 50% open rate and 11% click rate.”

Berke said the launch of SendRoll represents the culmination of over two years of customer-centric product development and leverages expertise gained from the UserFox acquisition. “AdRoll remains committed to developing new and uniques ways for marketers to achieve their goals through an ROI positive performance approach.”

AdRoll also recently released Prospecting and the IntentMap, a data co-op that uses lookalike data to help businesses reach new customers. “With email, AdRoll is adding marketing intelligence with another proven channel to its customers,” Berke said.

SendRoll is now available in the US, UK and Australia and New Zealand. For more information please click here.

About AdRoll
AdRoll is a leading performance marketing platform with over 25,000 clients worldwide. Its suite of high-performance tools works across devices, helping businesses attract, convert and grow their customer base. The company is home to the world’s largest opt-in advertiser data co-op, the IntentMap™ with over 1.2 billion digital profiles. AdRoll’s goal is to build the most powerful marketing platform through performance, usability and openness.

AdRoll is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Tokyo, London, Dublin and Sydney.

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