Ads get the boot at NBR online

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NBR Online is to eliminate all advertising spots on its home page – with the sole exception of the banner that runs across the top of the site – from Monday 31 August.

The NBR site is the only successful subscription-based newspaper site in NZ – and one of a select few globally. It’s safe to assume that its revenue more than justifies the exclusion of advertising.

“In this day and age you simply can’t expect to fund a good-quality news service from advertising alone,” publisher Todd Scott wrote on the site.

“Thus our focus is to deliver the very best experience for our member subscribers and ask them to help crowd-fund to greatness, without the need to clutter a website with annoying pop-up ads, or worse, ads that appear smack bang in the middle of an article.

“If online subscriptions can be thought of as crowdfunding, then readers’ equity and return is access to timely, relevant, useful and insightful business news, Scott said.

“The more member subscribers NBR Online has, the fewer ads it needs to run.”

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