Adshel expands in Oz & NZ

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Adshel has announced two initiatives that bolster the company’s digital capabilities: An expansion of digital screens in NZ and Australia, and the launch of a new ad-serving platform.

Adshel will deploy an additional 365 digital screens across its Australia and NZ Adshel Live digital street furniture network, bringing the total number of digital screens across its Transtasman network to 825 screens.

The second initiative is the launch of Adsmart, a creative ad-serving platform that gives advertisers the flexibility to enhance their digital out-of-home campaigns based on time of day, place, audience, context and business needs.

“These announcements position Adshel strongly in the robust out-of-home advertising market that is being driven by accelerated digital growth,” said Sydney-based ceo Rob Atkinson. “They cement our position as the leading innovator in out-of-home advertising focused on the growth trends of digital and data.”

Expansion of Adshel Live
Phase two of Adshel Live will introduce 115 additional digital screens in New Zealand, extending the digital network’s reach beyond Auckland and into Christchurch and Wellington. This expansion creates the country’s largest national digital network.

Adshel Live in Australia will see an additional 250 digital screens installed nationally, boosting the company’s network which includes roadside and rail digital screens, to more than 650 digital screens.

“The launch of Adshel Live transformed Adshel’s offering to Australian and New Zealand advertisers, giving them unrivalled scale and flexibility in creating engaging eye-level digital campaigns,” Atkinson said. “We have been overwhelmed with the network’s success in opening up unique opportunities for advertisers.”

He said that following the New Zealand launch of Adshel Live in June, last year, Adshel’s revenues grew 19.6% year-on-year compared to total out-of-home market growth of 14.9%.

“Expanding our Adshel Live network ensures we can continue to provide advertisers with flexibility at scale,” he said. “In addition, the new screens will be larger offering increased innovation opportunities. I’m looking forward to working with all of our partners to ensure continued success in the product.”

The expansion of Adshel Live will commence this year.

Launch of Adsmart
“Adsmart is all about simplifying the digital out-of-home ad-serving process while simultaneously giving advertisers the opportunity to create smarter, contextually relevant campaigns,” Atkinson said. “It means they can create multiple campaigns based on time, place and context and broadcast tailored, dynamic messages to specific audiences, in any Adshel Live location at any one time.

“This significant step towards greater convergence of digital strategies with digital-out-of-home strategies is a Transtasman first and a powerful proposition for advertisers looking to broadcast digital messages at scale with relevance.”

Adsmart will be available to Australian and New Zealand advertisers from Q2 2016.

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