Adshel launches location intelligence initiative

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Outdoor advertising company Adshel has today launched a targeting initiative for advertisers which integrates property and location insights from CoreLogic with Adshel assets.

CoreLogic is the leading provider of property insights in Australia and New Zealand with data which includes property listings, property sales, property valuation and mortgage market data.

The initiative is aimed at advertisers wishing to target consumers who are in the market to purchase a property, have recently purchased a property or who are interested in switching their mortgage finance partner.

Adshel’s collaboration with CoreLogic is being launched in phases, commencing with the Auckland market, beginning in March, and will be rolled out to the national market later in the year.

Powerful tool
Adshel New Zealand’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ben Gibb, said the potential for advertisers was significant. “CoreLogic’s property data combined with Adshel’s existing census and proximity targeting and Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas give us a powerful tool to assist a broad spectrum of New Zealand advertisers in more effectively targeting their customer segments with relevant messaging wherever they are,” he said.

“As well as their data CoreLogic have given us access to their mapping tool which can be overlaid with our existing datasets and allows us to clearly visualise the data through heat-mapping.

“There are a wide range of uses for this data in the banking and finance and real estate sectors. For example, banks will be able to easily identify the streets, suburbs and areas where they are underweight or overweight in terms of mortgage coverage and target their campaign messaging accordingly.

“They will also be able to identify areas where there are large numbers of houses for sale. Alternatively, a utilities company could identify areas of Auckland that are over-indexing in house listings and advertise to a targeted audience of home buyers in this area.

“People buying property regularly engage in other purchases such as new cars and furniture as they seek to increase their lifestyle to align with their recent property purchase so advertisers across a broad spectrum of industries will be able to utilise the recent sales data to increase the targeting of their outdoor media communications.”

The location intelligence project with CoreLogic is the latest addition to Adshel’s Audience Targeting data strategy designed to complement Adshel’s proximity targeting tools.

Another tool in the product range is the use of Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas data applied across Adshel NZ’s out-of-home panels last year, which has been very popular with advertisers seeking to better target audience segments, with more relevant messaging.

Gibb said that Adshel continues to look at ways to enhance its audience targeting capabilities, and offer even greater precision for advertisers.

Big footprint
“We have a national footprint, with over 3200 panels across New Zealand, which provides advertisers with the capability to deliver precision targeting at scale. When we combine our increasing audience profiling capabilities with the scale of our network we have a unique offering for our clients unmatched in the industry.”

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