Adshel takes OOH growth story to DDO

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Adshel NZ GM Nick Vile and Adshel Sydney’s James Fogelberg spelled out the strategies behind the NZ OOH sector’s strong growth to 460 marketers at Tuesday’s Digital Day Out at SkyCity.

Out-of-home was up 14.3% in 2015 (second only to Digital).

“Factors such as growing urbanisation, consolidation, media fragmentation and investment in new digital outdoor technology and infrastructure have seen the OOH category in NZ and globally grow beyond expectation,” Vile said.

“Adshel is following up with the expansion next month of its Adshel Live digital network in Auckland to become NZ’s first national roadside digital network, across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch” he said.

James Fogelberg (who is Head of What’s Next at Adshel Sydney) said: “Taking the oldest medium in the world into the digital age is very much the focus for Adshel.

“All media channels today have embraced digitisation to some degree and marketing strategy should evaluate each channel based on the campaigns objectives – there is no such thing as traditional vs. digital marketing any more.

“Relevant messaging is a key to success in the digital space and a key benefit of digital OOH,” he said.

“Contextual relevance and dynamic messaging is not just limited to the online world. Context is everything. OOH contextual relevance is driven by any number of factors be it social media, time of day, location data, shopping data, web traffic data.”

Both Vile and Fogelberg pointed to the emergence of smartphone technology and the rise of the “connected consumer” as a key reason for OOH’s surge.

“With consumers now basically carrying supercomputers in their pockets, the opportunity for marketers to influence consumer behaviour in the outdoor space has never been greater” said Vile.

Fogelberg spoke further about the influence of mobile and how mobile (via location data) is driving the future of OOH: “It’s not just about where a person is at a certain point,” he said. “It’s where they’ve been that gives us the full story and is fast becoming one of the most important weapons in the marketer’s arsenal.”

Fogelberg said Adshel has ambitions beyond the traditional street poster or digital screen: “The aim is to] transition Adshel from an OOH media business selling reach & frequency to a location-based media business selling audiences across OOH, mobile and data insights channels.”

This is certainly a good time to watch this space.

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