Adshel’s new angle on stereotypes

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Adshel is asking marketers and their agencies to join them in reconsidering audience stereotypes and think differently when targeting today’s consumer.

Adshel Australia has taken the challenge to revisit audience stereotypes and is calling for marketers and agencies to do the same through its Upgrade the Cliché bespoke campaign. The campaign highlights the evolution of stereotypes from past to present and is aimed at challenging the perceptions and assumptions of audience segments today.

Adshel NZ is working on a similar campaign – to be released in this country later this year (watch this space).

The current Aussie campaign is based on extensive research into the Occupational Group One (OG1), Modern Grocery Buyer (MGB) and Millennial audience types, and found that as times changed, these audience segments have also evolved and are represented very differently today:


OG1 – typically older men carrying briefcases working in the CBD

MGB – Mum with kids pushing a trolley for the weekly shop

Millennial – Party-hard, chaotic, slaves to their device


OG1 – typically older men carrying briefcases working in the CBD

MGB – diverse demo who are  connected shoppers and regularly ‘top-up’ shop

Millennial – independent, driven, active, socially aware, big spenders

With these results, Adshel partnered with Getty Images to showcase the changes in stereotypical audiences over time and represent these new-look audience groups visually.

Adshel Australia group sales and marketing director David Roddick said: “The strength of the Adshel business is that it has been built around our audiences and not about our assets in market. Our clients look to us to deliver in-depth insight about target audience segments to ensure their advertising campaigns get cut-through and are effective.

“Adshel’s Upgrade the Cliché campaign will give our clients and agencies an opportunity to revisit and refresh their thinking of OG1’s, MGB’s and Millennials.”

Ken Leverenz, Getty Images sales VP said: “We are surrounded by an image-rich culture through social and digital media and as more consumers engage with brands online we’re seeing rising demand for authenticity in imagery. Consumers are demanding brands embrace diversity in their advertising images and we’re thrilled to be involved with spreading this message in Australia with Adshel.”

To support the campaign, Adshel has also launched an Upgrade the Cliché campaign microsite ( which explores the evolved audience stereotypes through an interactive and creative game. It allows users to access and download an upgraded gallery of curated content from Getty Images representing today’s OG1, MGB and Millennial.

Roddick said: “This campaign is testament to Adshel’s ongoing commitment to understanding people. Adshel’s unique ability to offer advertisers scale through a national network with the added precision to target any audience through innovative planning tools and data platforms. This coupled with a national beacon network allowing advertisers to gather insightful data on their audience’s movements is why Adshel continues to lead the market in innovation and insight.”

About the research
Adshel Australia profiled 1200 participants from three typical audience groups – OG1’s, MGB’s and Millennials – through an extensive quantitative study that explored a number of their lifestyle factors including their demographic make-up, behaviour, attitudes and media consumption.

The results were then overlaid with third-party data to provide a 360 degree in-depth view of each stereotype today.

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