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AUCKLAND, Today: Keynote speakers Tom Goodwin and Rosie Yakob (both based in New York City) will be battling it out at the Great ad:tech Debate in New Zealand next month.

ad:tech ANZ marketing & content director Wayne Krowitz elaborates: “Tom Goodwin is a professional provocateur. Anyone who’s seen him talk will know of his insightful and often tongue-in-cheek look at the state of advertising throughout the world.

“He’s a published author with his book Digital Darwinism, a Guardian columnist, and has been voted the No 1 voice in marketing by LinkedIn for the last two years. Oh, and he’s also the EVP head of innovation for Zenith USA.

“He’s perfectly situated as an authority on digital behaviours and new opportunities in the marketplace.

“Rosie Yakob is innovation personified. As co-founder and MD of Genius Steals, she and her partner Faris travel the world advising leading brands on new communication ideas, new product concepts, new ways of thinking, and the impact of technology on people’s lives and consequently how we market to them.

“Rosie is a Cannes Grand Prix winner, with an amazingly creative and strategic mind, and a hugely entertaining speaker.”

“She’s a Cannes Grand Prix winner, with an amazingly creative and strategic mind, and a highly sought-after (and hugely entertaining) speaker.

“In real life (as opposed to the Great ad:tech Debate) Rosie and Tom are actually really good friends. But there’ll be no love lost on stage. Blood may be spilt, metaphorically speaking of course, after all this isn’t Game of Thrones or Vikings.

“The topic of the Great Debate? Human, after all. Even with the rise of digital nothing has really changed in advertising.

“Tom Goodwin is for the affirmative arguing that for all the buzzwords and populist trends, our advertising, our strategies and our messaging still remains the same. People are people and their reactions to advertising hasn’t changed.

“Which leaves Rosie to argue for the negative believing it’s all changed and continues to change at an exponential rate.

“Both are extremely well suited and informed about the topic. Let’s see what fireworks they can ignite on stage at ad:tech Auckland 2019.”

ad:tech will be held at AUT on Thursday 14 November.

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