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AUCKLAND, Today: Another year, another run around the digital sun. Turns out, advertising and technology have merged and converged so much, the marketing playbook has had to be re-written – once again.

With algorithms, blockchain, apps and AI now in the marketing mix, ad:tech Auckland explored new avenues, trends, and models to re-educate industry executives planning business strategy for 2019.

The recurring (and most refreshing) brand message of the day was “Find a purpose. Make a difference”. Customers today prefer brands that support a meaningful cause or take a social stand, and are more likely to buy, recommend and trust them, if they connect with them emotionally.

With a fantastic line-up of speakers and panels from some of the world’s (and NZ’s) biggest brands, ad:tech AKL 2018 saw AUT auditoriums packed out – with most sessions leaving standing room only.

“The a-ha! moment was the eye-opening keynote from the inimitable Dr Jeffrey Cole: Content is king-er than ever.”

The a-ha! moment of the day was the eye-opening keynote from the inimitable Dr Jeffrey Cole, of The Center for the Digital Future. He spoke on disruptive market forces, shifts in buying patterns, how content consumption habits have evolved and the future of digital media – citing names, current facts & figures, and recent examples – all from memory. No slides!

Two standout mentions go to Google NZ country director Caroline Rainsford who showed just how AI can help others innovate and solve humanity’s biggest problems.

The opening talk of the day from Eat My Lunch founder Lisa King touched the audiences’ heartstrings. Her inspiration for starting her business came from a pair of TOM’s shoes!

The breakout sessions were insightful. Particularly, when a panel of five bright technologists shared genius insights on benefits of blockchain marketing, the topic resonated deeply with the room.

Key takeaways from ad:techAKL 2018: Data is currency. | AI, Machine Learning and Automation are now essential tools. | Customer-centricity is key. | Creativity takes courage. | Trust and transparency before innovative technology. | Branding is not enough. Find a purpose. | Marketing is for the brave.

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