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Wellington-based publicist Amanda Vaisigano believes she has flipped the traditional agency model on its head – revolutionising the way Kiwi businesses receive public relations support and services.

Vaisigano runs The Flourish Collective, a full-service PR consultancy founded in 2017 with a simple mission: To cut the cost of PR and make it attainable and accessible to all Kiwi brands.

“In a country filled with innovative, agile and independently run businesses, it made sense to create something that provided this market user-friendly and affordable professional services,” she said.

“The Flourish Collective is the first and only consultancy in the country to offer all of services through tailored set-fee packages, retainers and products – and to put all of their prices online.

“We’ve simplified and streamlined how we offer our services so that our clients, quite simply, know what they’re getting and what they’re up for.

“Every business needs PR, but there’s this misconception that only established and prosperous companies have access to PR agencies.”

“PR can be a huge investment and traditional agency models threaten clarity and risk confusion for many smaller Kiwi companies. They need to know upfront where their money is going and how it’s going to give them a competitive advantage – we bridge this gap.”

Vaisigano says her company’s progressive model also helps guide and support businesses, who are trying to navigate today’s fragmented marketing and media landscape.

“Every business needs public relations, but there’s this misconception that only established and prosperous companies have access to PR agencies – and there’s contrasting ideas around what PR consultants do,” she says.

“By breaking our services down into affordable packages, businesses can make informed decisions around their business-needs and budget.”

Amanda Vaisigano began her career as a journalist for NZME, before moving into public relations where she has worked in positions across the public and private sector for over a decade.

Her experience includes projects with some of New Zealand’s higher profile companies, including New Zealand Post, Federated Farmers, Contact Energy and the Department of Internal Affairs.

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