Agency devises free parking campaign for Fly Buys

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Auckland & Wellington-based digital agency Touchcast – now part of the Clemenger Group in NZ – has launched a Fly Buys experiential campaign, Fly Buys Parking, which aims to “surprise and delight” Fly Buys customers.

The company had been searching for ways to unexpectedly surprise and delight their customers’ daily routines to enhance their relationship with the brand, says Touchcast managing director Andrew Hawley.

“The result is a fusion between digital and experiential we’re super proud of,” he says.

Hawley remembers back to the start of the project nearly two years ago: “ Touchcast saw an opportunity in tweaking the everyday activities of Fly Buys members, injecting a little bit of good into the most mundane activities.

“This is where the Fly Buys parking idea began; with the insight that parking can be painful, and it something everyone does a lot of – so what could Fly Buys do to make it better and bring a smile to their members?

The idea Touchcast proposed was to enable/programme the machines to accept a Fly Buys card, and provide the perfect surprise to Fly Buys members with free parking. At that time Chris Lamers ( then head of marketing at Fly Buys ) and Katherine O’Connor (then head of brand at Fly Buys) embraced the concept, and gave the Touchcast team approval to begin creative development, technical scoping and prototyping of the idea.

“That was nearly two years ago,” Hawley says. “After a good deal of stakeholder engagement between numerous parties, and a lot of prototyping, it’s great for our team to finally see the execution come to life; a great fusion between digital and physical worlds to create a truly compelling brand experience.”

The project required a significant effort in technical research and development, and stakeholder engagement with council, on behalf of Fly Buys, Hawley said.

“To bring the idea to life, Touchcast worked closely with ITS integrating the use of the Fly Buys card with the machine and developing the proof of concept/ prototype machine (of both a software rewrite, interface messaging and machine graphics) for approval with the Wellington City Council.”



Agency: Touchcast
Andrew Hawley: Creative Direction
Mark Glenn: Creative Direction
Josh Twaddle: Creative / Design
Rachel Arundel: Creative
Dan Johnstone: Design
Leanne Boyle: Account management
Rod Schofield: Account management
Julia Walshaw: Account management
Andrew Joll: Technical Development
Clemenger BBDO: Print production

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