Agency insight led to new brand for kids

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Parnell strategic & creative marketing comms agency The Business has worked alongside Hansells Food Group to develop a new brand – Vitafresh fruit drink, which is made for specifically for kids.

The company has been making Vitafresh sachets for over 40 years and has been working on the new formulation, which comes in a 2.7l bottle, since early this year.

“We worked with Hansells to identify an untapped territory in the highly competitive juice market, that of a fruit drink made just for kids,” said Ben Cochrane of The Business.

“It’s born from a great insight that kids love everything to do with water but don’t always want to drink just water to get refreshed – but a lot of the current products available are ones that do not want to give their kids too often.

“There is space between water and fruit juice or soft drink that we’ve jumped into and it is a big hit. We’ve developed the brand positioning, packaging and all the through-the-line communications”.

Hansells marketing manager Jane Bennett said: “The brand has a loyal following and we know the beverage category has moved a long way since we started selling Vitafresh in the 1970s. We started from scratch and formulated a product to be ready to drink, using real fruit, low in sugar with nothing artificial in it. This move takes the brand to a whole new audience.

“We’ve heard from some of our supermarkets that this is one the best new product launches they’ve seen and even though it has only been on shelf for a a few weeks now, we’ve had to increase our forecasts already. More importantly we are also starting to get great feedback from consumers on the product and are confident this will become a regular inclusion in the trolley.”

Vitafresh 2.7L fruit drink comes in three flavours and can be found in New World and Pakn’Save.

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