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AUCKLAND, Monday: Digital agency 36 Presents has launched 36 AI, an artificial intelligence platform that automates digital marketing for advertisers in New Zealand, for the first time.

36 Presents’ Auckland-based GM, Anthony Rice (who’s ex-Ovato) said: “36 AI’s cutting-edge technology will help tackle search engine marketing, providing a new approach to massively improving keyword optimisation and search marketing.

“In its initial roll-out, 36 AI applies machine learning to help clients optimise their Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns by optimising bid strategy.

“The AI platform is able to find out what works best for each client, and then automatically puts it into action to improve ROI on their campaigns. It’s all happening behind the scenes with no human input.

“For example, a company that sells a large number of products online or in physical stores and is dealing with high search competition, can now save time and frustration by using 36 AI to generate their Google search and shopping campaigns. Before, these companies would have to manually manage inputs to Google’s systems, but now they can rely on 36 AI to handle the bidding process so they do not see as many keyword bid spikes and over-bidding problems. 

“We’re experiencing a digital revolution, but there’s still a place for human creativity. AI technology is being rolled out at pace in major markets, but is in its very infancy here. If you’re selling online at scale, we see a real advantage in being an early adopter to this technology. We are also moving to utilise the 36 AI across our clients’ display, video and social campaigns in early 2022.”

“They are seeing significant savings with an average of 50% cost reduction in CPC, which is a massive change.”

36 Presents Auckland-based MD Niko Toluono said: “We’ve finally taken 36 AI to market after a long and exciting journey. We wanted to help New Zealand businesses by saving them time, money and resources.

“We’ve seen a need for AI as businesses struggle to find experienced digital ad operations people in the market. The AI can also perform up to 10 million optimisations daily. We’ve already seen strong success from our launch clients.

“One of our large business partners across Australia and New Zealand was able to see an immediate increase in incremental transactions. Noting an 87% increase in ROI after implementing our AI service. They are also seeing significant savings with an average of 50% cost reduction in CPC, which is a massive change.”

Key features of 36 AI:

  • 36 AI is a multifunctional platform that can carry out automated Google Ads optimisations, integrate responsive SEO activities, manage Google Analytics, and deploy smart website tracking.
  • The system uses machine-learning algorithms to identify potential customers and work with them. 36 sees the technology finding online audiences that you would never have thought of as being buyers of your product or service.
  • Other features of 36 AI include a Plug and Play Interface. Built on the Google API, this AI works with an advertiser’s existing Google Ads and Analytics set up.
  • KPI Tool. Once 36 AI learns the KPIs an advertiser is after and how to measure them, 36 Presents will set those up and the AI does the rest. If 36 AI recognises that the advertiser doesn’t need to spend a certain amount in a month, the AI won’t spend it—but it’ll still hit the target revenue KPI.

36 AI is available now in New Zealand from 36 Presents. The AI optimisation will roll out into display, video and social media in early 2022.


  • There’s no direct link to the agency in NZ – inquiries are being directed to a global site –

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