Alcohol brands target women in sports partnerships

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LONDON, Today: Alcohol brands are turning their attention to what they see as a huge potential to develop products specifically designed for women – and to market these heavily through sport events.

Conrad Wiacek, head of sponsorship at UK-based market intelligence company GlobalData/Sportcal said (in a global release): “The alcohol industry has long looked to sporting events to target male consumers through television and online campaigns.

“However, brands have traditionally failed to develop a strong relationship with female consumers, who tend to consume products such as spirits and wines that are featured less prominently in these campaigns.

“In order to target the female market more effectively, brands are now looking to design campaigns that promote female-centric products.

“While female consumers have long been seen as controlling the buying intentions within the home, they have not been as represented in sports marketing as men.

“Over the last 12 to 18 months, there has been a perceptible shift in terms of the mainstream presentation of women’s sport, which in turn has led to more female-centric marketing efforts, specifically in the drinks industry.

“Research by Sportcal noted that AB InBev’s female-centric brand Lime-A-Rita became the official sponsor of the NFL in 2017.

“Focusing campaigns towards women that are interested in stereotypically male-advertised sports may attract new customers.”

“As a direct result of the campaign, the brand claimed it was able to reach a larger proportion of NFL’s female fans through enhanced team integrations with a wide range of ready to drink margaritas.

“Lime-A-Rita’s association with the NFL was part of AB InBev’s plan to target the female demographic, which makes up a reported 45% of the audience for NFL games.

“According to Renie Anderson, senior vice-president of sponsorship and partnerships management for the NFL, there is considerable intersection between Lime-A-Rita drinkers and NFL fans, particularly in the female segment, which creates potential growth opportunity for the brand.

“By targeting female audiences with products specifically marketed to them, sports leagues and teams are able to engage with their female fans in a meaningful and authentic way, proving that their commitment to female sport and their female fan base goes beyond simply lip service.”

“Sponsorships with sports companies are an important opportunity for drinks brands targeting the female demographic, as 60% of women were always or often influenced by how well a product is tailored to their needs and personality.

“Therefore, focusing campaigns towards women that are interested in stereotypically male-advertised sports may help attract new customers.”

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