Amazon hits 17 billion

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SEATTLE, Thursday: Rapid growth in Amazon’s advertising means it now accounts for nearly 2% of global spend, according to the latest company reports and WARC Data.

The e-commerce giant spent US$11bn (NZ$ 17bn) on advertising in 2019, recording the quickest year-on-year growth (34.1%) since 2014. Advertising spend has also doubled in just three years, up 120% since 2016.

Amazon’s advertising spend has grown quicker than global advertising spend every year since 2004. As a result, the company now accounts for 1.8% of all advertising, an increase from 0.2% in 2010.

To put this in context, P&G, usually thought of as the largest advertiser, accounted for 1.1% of global advertising spend in 2019.

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