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AUCKLAND, Today: Shine has partnered with local production companies Spur, Satellite Media, Perceptual Engineering and BuildMedia and New York-based executive producer Adam Jenkins and ECD Mick McConnell to bring Spark’s tech work on the America’s Cup to life.

Jenkins & Connell were the creatives behind Field Trip to Mars, Samsung 837 and Yas Hotel.

Shine GM Annabelle Pitkin said: “Each partner was charged with realising aspects of the Spark 5G Race Zone experience, but unified by a clear narrative and design direction.

“The modern America’s Cup yacht has more in common with a Formula 1 race car than the boats of 100 years ago.

“The 5G Race Zone has gone live with a comprehensive ATL and social campaign developed by the Shine team.”

“With virtual modelling, composite materials and hydraulic systems that would look at home on an aircraft, these boats literally fly, reaching speeds approaching 50 knots.

“Helping tell the technology story of this sport was a challenge that Spark brought to us at Shine, looking to amplify their partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand during the defence of the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada here in Auckland.

“The development process took over 14 months, not helped by a couple of lockdowns, but regardless the space progressed, with each partner developing their component and overseen by a dedicated Shine team who unified the vision, ensuring it not only brought the Spark 5G story to life, but engaged and enthralled the guests.

“With the cup just a few months away, the Spark 5G Race Zone has gone live to an excited audience, promoted with a comprehensive ATL and social campaign also developed by the Shine team.”


Agency: Shine
General Manager: Annabelle Pitkin
Senior Business Director: Kate Gilmour
Executive Producer: Adam Jenkins
Executive Creative Director (NY): Mick McConnell
Chief Creative Officer: Rich Maddocks
Design Director: Danny Carlsen
Senior Creative: Mike Ramsay
Build Partner: Spur
Experience Delivery Partners: Satellite, Perceptual Engineering, Buildmedia

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