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Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish have shot a new campaign for Anchor Milk that promotes the product’s power to add strength to muscle and shine to hair.

“Milk is not everyone’s first choice after sport or as part of a beauty regime, but if you want to develop muscles, strengthen bones and recover quickly, or you want luscious hair and beautiful skin, it should be,” said Allison c, group marketing manager at Anchor

“These are the subjects of Anchor’s three-part Must Be Milk campaign where milk’s benefits are brought to life through the stories of talented Kiwis,” he says. “These stories are told through TVCs, online films, and in print, but the most interesting demonstrations are happening in the real world. The latest instalments feature a Kiwi dancer who is set for big things, and a fresh young Kiwi model, and continue to evolve the campaign.”

The campaign was created to take a look at the surprising benefits of milk but also to re-establish Anchor’s connection to New Zealand families. Each story is accompanied by Behind the Scenes content, shot on the day of filming, that gives u an insight into a mother’s view.

“These stories continue off screen and are a perfect example of how the right attitude, and the right nutrition can be instrumental in reaching your goals,” Yorston said. “They also let us see into Mum’s world as she lets go in order to let her child succeed. It makes for some emotional moments.”

Mick Stalker, deputy CD at Colenso BBDO, said: “We didn’t want to play in the familiar to bring to life the benefits of milk and our search for interesting stories led us to some interesting people who were on a tipping point in realising their potential.

“Nathan and his Kiwi dance troop are about to appear in Hollywood movie Born to Dance, and this has been the catalyst for him to put university on hold as he goes to America to fulfill his dream. Similarly, Imogen, a fledgling model, has embarked on an exciting modelling assignment in Japan.

“We wanted to bring the benefits of milk to life through real people and real stories and Nathan’s and Imogen’s were perfect. And let’s not forget their mums; their dedication to supporting and enabling the potential of their children and of course the role that nutrition and development have played in this.”


Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Deputy Creative Director: Mick Stalker
Senior Art Director: Jim Walsh
Business Director: Kat Sliper
Planner: Andy McLeish
Media Agency: MediaCom
Production Company: Flying Fish
Director: James Solomon

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