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AUCKLAND, Today: Stanley St head of media Andrew Reinholds strayed far from his usual beat at the weekend, cosying up to Sunday Star-Times interviewer Mikaela Weeks and Stuff photographer David White for a DPS featuring his new home – in a classic colonial Grey Lynn church.

Reinholds is the owner of the Richmond Primitive Baptist Church of St Jude, which was built in the late 1800s. He’s styled his lounge with the original pews, ghostly artworks, and a hymn board.

“I’m not religious at all – my friends joke that I’m in so much trouble, I had to buy into a church.”

“We went along to the auction for a laugh – but the auctioneer pointed at me and said, ‘why don’t you make a bid?’

“I won – and I came up with the deposit that afternoon. It felt like destiny.

“On a stormy night, it’s amazing sleeping up in the rafters with the trees blowing outside. Churches are places people have historically been drawn to for safety and comfort – and when I walk in the front door the house does have a remarkable comforting influence/.”

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