Augusto finds new way to tackle animal abuse

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AUCKLAND, Today: A hard-hitting nationwide campaign from Augusto and animal rights charity Safe For Animals sees farm workers switch roles with abused animals.

They’ve launched Would You Call It Out? to encourage the use of 0800 EXPOSE, Safe’s new phone line for reporting animal abuse in the farming industry.

“When Safe approached us about the amount of animal abuse that falls through the cracks, we were incredibly keen to be involved,” says Augusto commercial director Amy Dufty.

“New Zealanders are in the habit of calling out human abuse as it occurs, but don’t seem to do the same for animals.

“That’s why we are posing the question ‘if it were your workmate, would you call it out?’, triggering New Zealand farmers and workers to reconsider what they’d do if one of their workmates were the victim.”

“We decided not to use horrifying images of animals that many charities have relied on in the past. But we still needed to grab attention – our idea was to show the abuse in a different way.”

Safe’s Debra Ashton said, “As part of our commitment to protecting animals, Safe has introduced our‘0800 EXPOSE phone line to get more people in the agriculture industry and community to speak up and report any form of abuse that they might encounter.

“We needed a campaign to get the message out and Augusto has helped deliver a powerful message.”

Augusto ECD Adam Thompson said, “We decided not to use horrifying images of animals that many animal charities have relied on in the past.

“But we still needed to grab people’s attention and raise some big awareness for the phone line. Our simple idea was to show the abuse in a different way.”

The campaign launched earlier in September and is running across New Zealand in print, social, digital and radio. The phone line is now live.


Safe team: Debra Ashton, Clare Marks and Will Appelbe
Talent: Roy Hawthorn
Agency: Augusto:
ECD: Adam Thompson
Creative: Tom Davies
Commercial Director: Amy Dufty
Producer: Emily Russell
Production Coordinator: Lucy Caccioppoli
Photographer: Steven Boniface
Camera Assistant: Gavin McGregor
Art Director: Ashley Turner
Hair & Makeup & Wardrobe: Miranda Raman Head of Design – James Davison
Designer: Nina Vasiljevic
Audio: Amy Barber

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