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AUCKLAND, Today: Former FCB NZ media director Anna Chitty (now ceo at PHD China) is an engaging and authoritative guest on MediaWorks’ latest edition of its Speaker Series.

In a 30-minute Q+A with Newshub reporter Ryan Bridge, the NZ-born Chitty discusses a wide range of topics, including …

“There’s been a growth in China of Western-style cooking.”

  • Staff safety in these Covid times
  • Positivity
  • Significant increase in time with media that can be watched from home
  • Growth in China of Western-style cooking.
  • Out of scarcity, innovation has emerged
  • Digital transformation in your coms strategy is a must
  • Don’t miss that last ‘click to purchase’
  • This is the time for strong moral comfort alongside media partners
  • Integrity and bravery
  • Doing the right thing.

Ed says: “This is a cool, interesting interview. Chitty is a treasure!”

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