Anthem crafts new-look Yellow campaign 

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AUCKLAND, Today: Creative agency Anthem has launched Yellow’s first above-the-line campaign since it rebranded, introducing Kiwis to Yellow’s Marketing Machine, described as “a comprehensive digital marketing offering of needs-based solutions, designed to help SMEs thrive”.

The launch marks the final stage in the organisation’s aim to become a leading digital marketing company in New Zealand, providing a strong online offering, while retaining their focus on the small to medium businesses that make up 97%.

Yellow CMO Bruce Pilbrow says Yellow’s heritage means it knows New Zealand SMEs like no other digital marketing company in the country. “We believe our new offering, coupled with our heritage of almost 60 years doing business with Kiwi SMEs, means we’re best placed to provide an affordable and customisable agency-like service.

“Yellow has progressed beyond Yellow Pages into a leading digital marketing network that connects 1.7 million Kiwis monthly.”

“Now owner/operators can focus on their core business and leave the marketing to us.”

Yellow’s Marketing Machine campaign was led and developed by Anthem along with a team of specialised partners.

Anthem executive director Vincent Heeringa said: “We loved the idea of bringing to life an automated machine in order to give SME owner/operators one less job to do, and that really is how Yellow’s new products work – it’s an outsourced, online machine that offers flexibility, creativity and control.

“Yellow have collaborated with world-class international providers to pull together some excellent tools at an affordable price for everyday Kiwi businesses.

“The campaign allows customers to use the online Machine as a diagnostic tool to find the best solution for their individual requirements and fully customise it for their specific business.

“Yellow’s own business transformation has seen their services progress beyond their world-famous-in-New-Zealand Yellow Pages into the leading digital marketing partner and network that connects 1.7 million Kiwis monthly.”


Client: Yellow
Chief Marketing Officer: Bruce Pilbrow
Head of Marketing: Chantelle Harper
Head Design: Conrad Smith
Yellow Social Media: Sally Knox

Agency: Anthem
Creative Lead: Mark Easterbrook
Executive Director: Vincent Heeringa
Senior Account Director: Sarah Geel
Senior Account Manager: Di Ruela

Animation: The Craft Shop
Video production: Kontent
Talent: Red 11
Media agency: Sneakers Digital
Web developer: Braveworld

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