Anthem wins ESG Consultancy of the Year and Gold with Doppelmayr in PR Awards Asia

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HONG KONG, Thursday: CBD-based communications/marketing indie Anthem has been named ESG Consultancy of the Year in the PR Awards Asia 2023.

Anthem and Doppelmayr also won a Gold award in the Transport category for work to establish the business as a credible, innovative and sustainable transport solution to help New Zealand achieve its environmental, social and economic goals.

Anthem – the only NZ shop to score at these awards – was also named a finalist in the Corporate Affairs category for this work.

It is the second consecutive year Anthem has gained recognition as a top consultancy at the PR Awards Asia, having won Boutique PR Consultancy of the Year in 2022, as well as an award for the ANZ Watch Women Win campaign in the Corporate Publications category.

Anthem co-founder/ceo Carolyn Kerr said: “ESG Consultancy award is the culmination of years of work by Anthem to reduce its environmental impact, advance environmental, social and governance practices and strategies for its business and its clients, and foster an inclusive and diverse workplace.

“We will do all we can to walk lightly on this Earth.”

“We are energised by our journey of continuous improvement and will do all we can to walk lightly on this earth, support people around us and maintain a healthy and robust business that contributes positively to Aotearoa’s economic stability.

This work culminates in Anthem releasing its first sustainability report today, which outlines the agency’s progress, achievements and future goals.

“For client Doppelmayr, the world’s largest ropeways transport manufacturer and operator (cable car, gondola and ski lifts), Anthem devised a communications strategy to shift local perceptions of the business.

“Instead of being seen purely as a global tourism operator, the programme built an appreciation of Doppelmayr as a credible, trusted and inspiring business with viable, sustainable urban transport solutions that will help New Zealand achieve its environmental, social and economic goals.

“Our communications strategy stimulated a nationwide conversation about the many sustainability benefits ropeway transport systems provide, including zero direct carbon emissions, easy access to provide mobility for all, low-cost construction and better value for communities, vehicle reduction and job and skills creation.”

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