Adobe: ‘Anzac marketers lag behind global counterparts’

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BARCELONA, Sunday: Australian and New Zealand marketers are lagging behind their global counterparts, according to new research by Adobe. In fact, only 15% of Australians and New Zealanders believe local marketers are doing a good job.

Adobe’s Mobile Marketing Research was launched last week at MWC Barcelona 2019, the largest mobile event in the world. Findings revealed that 40% of ANZ residents think very few of the number of product/service offers they receive are right for them.

This percentage is significantly higher in ANZ than the global average (33%).

The report also uncovered insights into mobile shopping trends in Australia and New Zealand, with ANZ consumers expressing a strong preference to see/touch before they buy (90%), despite two-thirds of ANZ residents saying they can do all retail activities they want to on a mobile device.

‘ANZ has the lowest rates of voice usage.”

The percentage is even higher among millennials and women, with 7 in 10 saying they can do all activities they want on a mobile device.

Another key finding is that Australia and New Zealand have the lowest rates of voice usage, along with Japan and Germany. The research revealed that only 14% of ANZ residents constantly/frequently use voice commands on their devices, and 65% rarely or never do.

Key stats from the Adobe Mobile Marketing Research

  • Only 14% of ANZ residents constantly/frequently use voice commands on their devices. In fact, 65% rarely or never do. This is also the case among younger ANZ residents, with only half using voice commands, and only 1 in 5 using them often.
  • Over 4 in 10 current users expect their use of voice technology to increase in the next couple of years
  • 39% of people in ANZ prefer to use a company’s mobile app than check a mobile website (26%). However, only a minority of people have more than 9 ‘retail’ apps installed on their device, and less than 1 in 6 have more than 20 apps installed.
  • When asked what activities they are doing more now on their mobile compared to 1-2 years ago, ANZ residents said banking (43%), scanning documents (43%) and monitoring traffic/navigate (42%). 28% of ANZ residents said they’re tracking health stats while 22% said they’re using their mobile to check in for flights
  • ANZ residents most often use their smartphone to send a text (69%), make a voice call (53%), check or post to social media (49%), listen to a podcast (35%), or compose an email message (34%)

M+AD’s information was supplied by Edelman PR Australia.

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