ANZA slams Nielsen ‘inflated data’

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While welcoming the 50% increase in size for Nielsen’s TV audience panel announced last week, the Association of NZ Advertisers says it is disappointed that broadcasters haven’t addressed “the fundamental weakness” in TV audience reporting in NZ – the absence on minute-by-minute audience measurement.

“For years broadcasters have argued that the sample size of peoplemeter homes in this market has been too small to accurately report audience on a 60-second basis,” said ANZA ceo Lindsay Mouat.

“That barrier is now to be removed, with the sample increased to 900 households, consistent with other countries of similar size – yet still we are expected to rely on and believe 15-minute average audiences.

“New Zealand is effectively the only developed market where this occurs. We all know that TV audience data for ad breaks is overstated and inflated because of this and it’s time for broadcasters to provide greater transparency.”

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