APN blows its outdoor trumpet

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Research commissioned by APN Outdoor has found New Zealanders have a positive feeling towards billboards. In its latest study ‘Media Attention – It’s a Jungle Out there’ researchers canvassed hundreds of New Zealanders for their views on advertising and how best to get their attention.

The highlights as put forward by Clarity Strategic Research, found that 55 per cent of New Zealanders see more advertising today than they did in the past and while they feel ambivalent toward advertising in general, consumers are overwhelmingly positive about Outdoor.

Outdoor was considered a hugely effective platform to reach broad audience groups. In fact, respondents ranked it as being most effective platform for reaching 16-24 year olds and on par with TV when it came to 25-39 year olds.

Mike Watkins, General Manager – APN Outdoor New Zealand, said: “I am aware that previous studies undertaken here at APN Outdoor, identified Outdoor as the least avoided medium. Two years on, it’s great to see this still rings true. This latest study has also proven how effective the symbiotic relationship is between Outdoor and TV, and puts forward a strong case for Outdoor to be the lead media within more campaigns.”

The program was multifaceted with the study being both qualitative and quantitative, speaking to more than 750 people across New Zealand. The research included the use of focus groups as well as an online component, showing the impressive performance of Outdoor across a range of categories.

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