APN Outdoor eyes Aussie transaction platform

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APN Outdoor NZ says it is keeping “an interested eye” on Australia’s Outdoor Media Association plans to introduce an automated transaction platform (ATP) next year.

“The idea of an automated transaction platform for outdoor, which will make planning and buying outdoor media across all formats easier for agencies, is not new but the suggestion that it could soon be developed and be operating in Australia is an interesting development,” said APN Outdoor NZ general manager Phil Clemas.

The Australian plans came to light on Sydney-based ad site mUmBRELLA (scroll down to find the link to this article) on Friday.

“Some of our agency clients saw this article and have approached us seeking some insight from a NZ perspective,” Clemas says.

“The challenge to automate multiple inventory operating systems across a myriad of formats and environments cannot be underestimated.

“There should also be very careful consideration for the value of the innate understanding and knowledge of outdoor audiences and format or product suitability (for each advertiser brief and objective) that resides with each media operator’s sales teams.

“APN Outdoor’s priority is to see how things progress across the Tasman over the coming months and to evaluate, with other like-minded outdoor operators, its potential in NZ for this progressive initiative.”

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