APN Outdoor calibrates sophisticated measurement tool

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APN Outdoor NZ has unveiled its audience measurement system known as Calibre, which it describes as “the most sophisticated audience measurement tool to hit the NZ market, redefining out-of-home measurement through a seamless user experience and interactive planning tool for advertisers and media agencies”.

Built by APN Outdoor in conjunction with the data scientists at Reachmedia, the robust model combines over one billion data points, including industry standard traffic data and multiple sources of aggregated anonymised mobile location data.

The Calibre platform offers “unmatched” visibility and transparency into the audiences across APN Outdoor, Go Media and Media5 roadside sites.

The platform validates and simplifies the Outdoor planning process by providing:

  • Standard Reach and frequency measures
  • Rich behavioural and demographic audience insights
  • A customised planning dashboard that allows planners to identify optimal sites for their campaigns.

APN Outdoor NZ general manager Mike Watkins said: “APN Outdoor is proud to introduce to the New Zealand media market the first multi-operator audience measurement system.

“Blending together multiple high volume data sets has allowed us to build a system which delivers highly accountable audience metrics, allowing advertisers to make more educated decisions when it comes to buying Outdoor.

“Calibre is also the first ever Outdoor measurement system to reflect seasonal changes in audiences, meaning Calibre metrics reflect accurate audience forecasts specific to the timing of each campaign, therefore making Calibre strategically relevant for agency planners when selecting markets that experience significant seasonal population shifts throughout the year.

“The ability to incorporate customer data and retailer locations has been scoped for future development to allow for client specific analysis for campaign planning. Calibre is designed to constantly evolve, and the potential of adding further capabilities such as retargeting and campaign attribution are within reach.”

To request a free live demonstration, contact APN Outdoor.

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