APN Outdoor wins Queenstown Airport

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AUCKLAND, Monday: APN Outdoor has cemented its standing as a pre-eminent company in New Zealand for airport advertising, successfully winning a pitch for Queenstown Airport.

The incumbent was QMS – but it is not know which (if any) other companies contested the pitch.

The new contract adds Queenstown Airport to APN Outdoor’s existing portfolio of Auckland and Christchurch Airports, giving advertisers and agencies improved access to three of New Zealand’s busiest airports.

APN Outdoor ceo/MD James Warburton, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with Queenstown Airport Corporation.

“As the gateway to the lower South Island, Queenstown Airport is recording strong growth and attracting a higher proportion of young passengers than other New Zealand airports.”

The new agreement with Queenstown Airport comes hard on the heels of extending its partnership with Christchurch Airport to 2026.

As part of the new agreement, APN Outdoor today flagged extensive development plans for Queenstown Airport’s advertising assets.

APN Outdoor NZ head Mike Watkins, said: “Our development strategy for Queenstown Airport is to create an advertising environment unlike any other airport in New Zealand.

“APN Outdoor will hire a South Island representative to service Queenstown and Christchurch Airports and local clients.”

“We aim to deliver innovative and emerging technologies that will enhance the passenger journey and create a contemporary look and feel for the advertising assets at Queenstown Airport.

“Vibrancy and engagement are key to our vision, providing advertisers with assets that will give impact, immediacy and reach and frequency – plus the ability to create a true sense of place, for one of the most beautiful regions in New Zealand,” he said.

APN Outdoor, which has worked with airports in New Zealand for more than a decade, will hire a South Island representative to service Queenstown and Christchurch Airports and local clients.

Queenstown Airport is the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand by passenger numbers. In late 2017, it marked two million passenger movements over a 12-month period for the first time in its history. In the six months to 31 December 2017, total passenger numbers grew 13% to 1,084,495, with international passenger numbers up 11% to 333,439 and domestic passenger numbers up 14% to 751,056 on the previous corresponding period.

The airport is the direct domestic and international entry point to the lower South Island, providing easy access to Queenstown, one of the world’s premium visitor destinations, and to some of New Zealand’s most renowned scenery and visitor experiences.

Queenstown Airport Corporation GM Olivia Pierre said: “We are delighted to welcome APN Outdoor to our airport. We are continuously looking for opportunities to provide customers with memorable experiences.

“APN Outdoor’s innovation, ability to deliver high quality products and their customer-centric approach aligns well with our values and vision to be a world-leading tourism airport.”

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