APNO launches multi-screen digital network

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APN Outdoor has forged a deal with US-based software company Aerva to provide technical support for its expanding NZ digital billboard portfolio.

Twelve months ago, APN Outdoor installed NZ’s first digital billboard in Queen St – and is preparing now for the introduction of four additional digital screens in Auckland.

The five-screen network goes live on at the end of this month (on Monday 28 July) and all content will be managed via the Aerva platform.

Aerva technology enables real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital billboards and will replace existing software platform Scala across APN Outdoor’s portfolio.

The technology will make it easier for APN Outdoor’s advertisers to create and manage more sophisticated digital outdoor campaigns minus the perceived complexity or expense.

Additionally, all APN Outdoor digital campaigns will be managed locally by specially trained content managers from the company’s Parnell office.

“As market leader in the burgeoning digital outdoor channel it was important that we partnered with the world’s best in digital content management for the needs of our advertising clients today and for tomorrow,” said APNO general manager Phil Clemas.

“We first met Sanjay Manadhar, founder and CEO of Aerva at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas and were instantly impressed. We just needed our new digital assets to be developed and in the ground before forming this new alliance.

“The real challenge is educating advertisers and agencies on this relatively new media channel. There are so many new attributes and creative options available on digital outdoor, not to mention convergence with mobile and social strategies.”

The final stage for the Aerva rollout will coincide with the commencement of the Auckland Airport concession on November 1 where APN Outdoor will introduce more leading-edge digital technology inside the terminal and two “spectacular” LED screens strategically located along the airport’s main thoroughfare, George Bolt Drive.

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