APNO follows the sun

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AUCKLAND, Today: As temperatures begin to heat up, so does out-of-home viewing, reckons APN Outdoor, who sent us more info on its audience measurement system, Calibre.

APN Outdoor NZ head Mike Watkins said (via a press release): “In an industry first, Calibre’s multiple data sources and seasonal functionality have allowed greater insight into summer audience trends than ever before, allowing APN Outdoor to isolate outdoor audience behaviour across individual months.

“Calibre also allows APN Outdoor to step beyond claimed travel, commuting and holiday intentions, and track real-life activity. This is made possible through a combination of traffic data and aggregated, anonymised mobile location data; a combination which is further enriched by demographic segments, electronic banking data and Census data.

“Calibre has armed us with the intel to help advertisers hone in on the perfect time and place to capitalise on consumers across the summer period.

“For the first time in our industry, it has afforded us the knowledge that airport traffic is highest in December and February, foot traffic in CBDs does not in fact plummet in December but remains high well into January, and that if locals indeed choose to travel, the majority hit key arterials for beach days and regional staycations – which APN Outdoor can, of course, effectively reach.”

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