APNO’s paper dart agency comp takes off

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APN Outdoor have today announced their upcoming Flight Club events to take place around the country in the coming weeks. 

The airport specialists will host Flight Club, a glorified paper plane throwing competition, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Media agencies, direct clients and creatives are “encouraged to compete for some great prizes” and get creative with their paper planes.

“The Flight Club event series was designed to play on the competitive spirit of the media industry and have a little fun as we bring the latest in airport insights to the market,” said APN Outdoor GM Phil Clemas.

“After investing so heavily in research with the Attention Economy and the Airport Economy, we thought that Flight Club would be a great complement to our latest insightful presentation, Why Airports?, that will be live in market shortly.”

The Why Airports? presentation will go to market this week and promote APN Outdoor’s airport advertising portfolio that encompasses leading internal and external assets in and around Auckland and Christchurch airports, New Zealand’s two leading airports.

“The presentation focuses on the growing audience in this space, the impressive diversity within this audience and the unique environment that allows advertisers to truly leverage high dwell time, and capitalise on the positive mindset of consumers in this space,” Clemas said.

For more information about the Why Airport? presentation and to find out details about your closest Flight Club event, Clemas advises readers tocontact their APN Outdoor account manager.

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