A ‘paradigm shift’ for One to One Hundred – unveiling a fresh direction

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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: Freemans Bay-based architectural rendering studio One to One Hundred, has changed its strategic direction to reflect a wider market interest, outside the previous architecture focus.

After 19 years of operation and a decade since their last brand transformation, the creative studio – which specialises in strategy, brand design, and 3D visualisation – has unveiled a new website at otoh.studio.

The rebrand, undertaken by the agency’s in-house design team, represents a symbolic merger between One to One Hundred and Oneforall, the sub-brand under which the company provides branding and marketing services for the property sector.

One to One Hundred remains the main branding – and the Oneforall brand has been retired.

MD David Hillier said: “We originally separated the services under two brands to ensure we received rendering work from other agencies who might have seen us as a competitor. It also made it easier to get smaller rendering jobs where there wasn’t a marketing component such as concept or resource consent images.

“Together, Oneforall and One to One Hundred have successfully spearheaded comprehensive brand campaigns for approximately 80 off-plan projects. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from terraced housing developments to boutique apartments, greenfield subdivisions, and even New Zealand’s tallest residential tower.

“Packaging these services with genuine expertise in the property sector became our competitive advantage, so it just made sense to bring everything under one brand.” 

Creative director Lissa Moralejo, who led the rebrand, said: “It became clear that a lot of clients saw the integrated offer of having a single studio deliver on all creative services as a real positive.

“Packaging these services up with genuine expertise in the property sector became our competitive advantage, so it just made sense to bring everything under one brand.”

The launch of the new website simultaneously signals the retirement of the Oneforall brand and all its associated online presence.”

Hillier: “Whilst we’ve provided branding services for a lot of very high-profile projects such as Seascape and Victoria Lane, we’ve probably done twenty render-only projects for every branding one. The One to One Hundred name is just so well-known amongst architects and designers, so we wanted to make the most of that goodwill.

“Devoting six months of efforts alongside ongoing projects, the new website features a large portfolio of case studies that showcase the agency’s capabilities and experience.

“I think it’s going to make a huge difference to how we’re perceived in the market. Prior to the new site, the value of having an entire campaign designed and executed by a single, highly experienced entity was being lost.

“One to One Hundred is now welcoming enquiries for projects of various scales, ranging from small-scale rendering to large-scale brand campaigns within the property, architectural, and interior design sectors.

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