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In its quest for better data for its clients, Auckland-based analysts Data Insight has hired Ian Mills as its new general manager. He joins direct from Ipsos where he led the New Zealand team for the past nine years, and oversaw an expansion of services and products. His team won every Supreme Award at the biannual Research Effectiveness Awards since 2008. 

“We are growing fast and need someone who can not only hit the ground running but help us grow the business in the way we want,” said Data Insight managing director Carmen Vicelich. “Ian will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business, which frees me up to concentrate on my passion, solving business problems through smart use of data.”

The GM role is a new one at the company. “My main function is to free up Carmen’s time so she can keep out there with clients,” Mills says. “Data Insight has gone from zero to 20 six staff in under two years, so she needs a bit of help.”

Mills has worked in the insights sector for 20 years and has worked with multinational corporations as well as Kiwi start-ups across the consumer goods, telecommunications, construction, financial services and fuels sectors. He is often called on to speak about research and the peculiarities of the New Zealand market and consumers.

He helped establish the Market Research Effectiveness awards in 1999 and is a past chair of the Association of Market Research Organisations in New Zealand.

“I was impressed by Data Insight’s bold ambitions, the overall challenge and the ability to continue delivering great insights for clients,” Mills said. “Data Insight is shaking up the market and I wanted to be a part of that energy.”

About Data Insight

The growth and expansion of social media combined with cheaper technology such as cloud has resulted in a new global phenomenon called “Big Data.”

The volume of data is only expected to grow and increase exponentially and the value of this new asset has been seen to be so great, it has been likened to oil.

Very much like oil, data first needs to be extracted, refined, stored and productised in order to create value.   And that is what Data Insight does.

We extract, refine and enhance data to create “actionable insight”.

Data Insight was established in 2012 and specialises in providing advanced innovative analytics. Our team comprise the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the country, available to work collaboratively onsite or off with our clients.

We develop exclusive partnerships amalgamating existing customer data with our own unique data sets to deliver long term value.

Data Insight use the very latest technology and are agnostic to provide flexible and agile next generation solutions.

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated we have developed an enviable client base and have interest from the US and Australia for the use of our analytics, insight and models.

Our business is data and our opportunity is a growing global phenomenon.

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