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After “a very enjoyable year and a half at String Theory”, senior writer Glenn Wood has returned to freelance “to spend more time with my surfboard”.

Wood is also ex Y&R. “I was always going to be a writer,” he says on his Linkedin page. “When I was a police officer I attempted to embellish my arrest reports with hyperbole, pathos and dramatic irony.

“The police were unreceptive, especially when I attempted to give a drunk and disorderly offender a back story and character arc.

“Whilst working as a gardener in England I wrote children’s stories in my spare time and upon my return to New Zealand had resigned myself to the fate of struggling author.

“Then I found advertising. Thank god for that. This combination has not only allowed me to hone my writing skills and explore creative boundaries, it has also fed my family (and my ego).”

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